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The True Body Alignment Exercises

A Series of Simple Exercises To Prevent Common Health Concerns
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Easy to Follow

Clear illustrations and explanations of why proper alignment is key to good health.

Better Value

These exercises prove that you don’t need surgery and medication to stay healthy longer.

Healthy Changes

Incorporate these simple exercises into your daily life and see immediate results

The Exercises

2 Major Causes of Poor Alignment

Learn how walking with your feet turned out is like driving your car with your tires mounted that way.

Rib Thrust

To Fix: Back pain, asthma, COPD, shortness of breath, lung disease.

Pelvic Floor Disorder

To Fix: Prostate disease, uterine prolapse, kidney stones, menstrual cramps, erectile dysfunction, bladder infections, incontinence, infertility.

External Thigh Rotation

To Fix: Hip pain, hip replacement, pelvic floor disorder, ACL injury, cartilage concerns, knee pain/injury, edema, knee replacement.

Knee Trick

Want to avoid knee replacement? Learn to lift and lower your kneecaps at will.

Stack Your Bones

To Fix: Neck pain, foggy brain, headaches, TMJ, thyroid dysfunction, lymph node swelling, fatigue, high blood pressure, heart disease, c joint deterioration, shoulder pain, back pain, constipation, diverticulitis, diabetes, kidney disease, carpal tunnel, cold hands, hip pain, incontinence, pelvic floor disorder, uterine prolapse, prostate disease, knee pain, foot pain, bunions, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, edema.

Sitting vs. Squatting

To Fix: Leg pain, hip pain/replacement, pelvic floor disorder, uterine prolapse, incontinence, swollen lymph nodes, knee pain/replacement, foot pain/injury, plantar fasciitis, balance problem.

Monster Walk

To Fix: Weak outer thigh strength and thick resistant fascia, balance problem, “knock knees”, feet turned out, pelvic floor disorder, hip pain/injury, hip replacement.

Pain in the Back

The source of your back pain isn’t in back.

External Shoulder Rotation

To Fix: Thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tears, hand numbness and foggy brain result from a strong pattern of internal shoulder rotation. We spend so many hours texting and driving, we are reinforcing this pattern.

Hip List

To Fix: Hip pain/injury, hip replacement, pelvic pain/injury.

Thoracic Stretch

To Fix: Alzheimer’s, memory loss, brain fog, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease, upper back pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, asthma, shortness of breath, lung disease, COPD, thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel.

True Body Alignment Exercises

This complete series of exercises can transform your health by teaching you simple exercises and tools to shape your walking habits in a healthy way.